Another brick in the wall…or..lots of bricks really…

Started on my next project. Wall/Building creation system. This is essentially a 3d printed version of a foam board project I started a LONG time ago.  I have a blank wall template that I can start with and now a blank brick wall template as well. The tricky part was lining the bricks up so they should be nearly seamless when multiple panels are put together. Still have some tweaking to do but then connectors will be the next thing I start designing. So far plans for bottom and top caps as well as corner and 45 degree corners. Then I will move on to panels with door and window inserts etc.

Designed Top and Bottom connectors used wall blank panels in different colors to simulate floor and roof. Will have to probably wait til I actually have a printer to test how firmly they press fit together if the hold isn’t going to be good enough may have to add a lip to the end of the tabs. Which will make them harder to put together but they should more easily stay that way.

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