Build along Livestream series.

So, I’ve had some people that are interested in picking up Blender and trying to model stuff themselves. I think that’s great! The Modular Vehicle System (MVS) is something I have been working on in hopes that others would jump on board and start developing their own projects off of it. Think of it like open source modeling that will enable artists and designers to come together and build parts everyone can use.

The hope is that eventually there will be enough combinations of interchangeable parts that you will literally sit down and take one part from this vehicle another part from that one and cobble them together into something totally different, and along the way design pieces that may be necessary to make those pieces play together better.

I have decided to do a series of livestream videos that we will design together from the beginning a vehicle and to get everyone started I am going to share the Blender file I have set up as a template to start a design on.

First be sure you’ve downloaded and installed Blender, it’s free

Right-click the link below and select Save As to get the template to follow along

Then Subscribe to my Tanner3D YouTube channel ring that bell to be notified when I’m streaming and build something fun. I will try to do a stream at least once per week, no idea how long each stream will be just when I have time pretty well. If you can’t catch it live watch it later and follow along.


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