These are some of the people inspiring this 3D adventure! Watch them on YouTube, follow them on Social Media and support them on Patreon if you are interested in 3D Printing these guys are AWESOME!

Joel Telling (The 3D Printing Nerd)
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Angus Deveson (Maker’s Muse)
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Thomas Sanladerer
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Chris Riley (Chris’ Basement)
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3D Maker Noob
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Print ‘N Play
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Nerys (Today’s 3D Print)
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I own and am printing my models on a TronXY X1, which was kindly donated to me by Chris Riley of Chris’s Basement. Follow and support Chris in the links above.

Printers I’m most interested in are:

  1. JGAurora A5
    Quickly emerged as competitor for CR-10, large build volume, more technologically advanced than the CR-10, but reviews haven’t been as consistent and the community for it isn’t as large.
  2. Wanhao Duplicator 9
    New kid on the block in the Large format world, finally know someone reviewing it but it hasn’t gone well thusfar.
  3. Alfawise U10
    This one popped up under a search for new printers recently at GearBest it is similar in size and design to the CR-10S4. Reviews are starting to come out now and have been mostly positive, except for questionable part cooling.
  4. Tronxy X5S
    Large build volume, CoreXY architecture, many reviews haven’t been kind to this one straight out of the box but even those have acknowledged this would be a solid foundation for a great printer if modded properly.
  5. Tevo Tornado
    One of the first competitors for the CR-10, it has a couple advantages being a 24v system, but the “salmon skin” artifacts present in the prints make me a little leary.
  6. Tronxy X3S
    Another CR-10 clone, typically cheaper than the CR-10 with some drawbacks apparent in some of the reviews, but if the price is right I may give it a go.
  7. Prusa i3 Mk3
    Doesn’t have the build volume I want, but literally appears to be one of the best, most technologically advanced printers on the market under $1,000

Most of these machines are available at GearBest, with the exception of the Wanhao and the Prusa.

*Disclamer: All opinions posted above come from watching hours of 3D Printer reviews and do not come from any hands on experience with any of these machines. I do however, have a GearBest affiliate link for those provided on GearBest if you are interested in purchasing one of these machines and supporting this site and its efforts.